Cab - Pykara One Day Sightseeing

Pykara Falls are set amidst the backdrop of a lush green forest and are an absolute delight to witness. Pykara is the name of a village which lies at a distance of around 19 kms from Ooty, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also the name of a river which runs through the Pykara village, which is sacred to the natives of this land. The Pykara river flows downstream from the mountains, over a series of waterfalls, and these are known as the Pykara falls. These falls drop into two separate sections of 55 metres and 61 metres and the sheer beauty and magnificence of the spectacle makes for an exotic weekend getaway. A perfect amalgam of clouds, water, scenic beauty and mountains,

Places to See

1. Boat House on Pykara River

This is an added attraction that lures visitors to the Pykara Falls – A boathouse that also has a restaurant in it. It is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Tourism and Development Corporation. It consists of many boats. Motor boats are allowed for around 20 minutes and speed boats for 10 minutes. It is a delightful location.

2. Pykara Dam

The Pykara dam lies close to the Ooty- Gudalur road. There is a power station at the Pykara dam. This dam is one of the oldest projects of the country, and dates back to the times when the British viceroy, Lord Macaulay was influential. It still functions to generate electricity. There is a reservoir attached to the Pykara dam. You are allowed to visit the reservoir as well.

3. Pykara Lake

Declared as one of the world heritage sites, the Pykara lake is a must visit destination in Ooty. You can either enjoy boating or bask in the sun, on the lakeside. The ambience of the Pykara lake is absolutely beautiful and enchanting. The lake is just 2 kms away from the Pykara falls. On weekdays you will find less rush here. The Pykara lake is an absolutely amazing place that will leave you awestruck. The cleanliness and pristine nature of the lake is truly worthy of praise.

4. Shooting Point

It lies at a distance of approximately 3.8 kms from the Pykara dam. Several films and documentaries have been shot here. A lot of song sequences have also been shot at this place. There is lush greenery all around. It is calm and windy here. You can also enjoy horse riding at the shooting spot. You can climb the little hilltop to get an amazing view of the surroundings.

5. M and N Chocolate Museum

This is an amazing museum and is a worth visiting place. The M and N museum is just 8.8 kms away from Pykara falls. Sample chocolates are also given at the museum. There is an entry fee of about Rs. 20, to the museum. You can learn all the knick knacks of the process of making chocolates. You will get a wafer with hot chocolate when you leave the museum. The chocolates here are made from cocoa butter and cane sugar, vegetable oil is avoided. It is visited by both domestic travellers and people from abroad. You can even take assorted chocolate packs as gifts for family and friends. The dark chocolate prepared at this place, is a must try. It is a nice place for children.

Things to Do

There are several activities that you can indulge in, in and around Pykara falls, which includes boating, jeep safaris, horse riding, sightseeing and many more.

1. Boating

There are several boats available in the Pykara lake area. You can hire a speed boat or a motorboat. There are self-driven boats as well. The charges for boating are around Rs. 150- 175 for one person. The timings for the boat ride are from 9:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening.

2. Horse Riding

One of the several popular activities that tourists pursue at  Ooty, horse riding is adventurous and exciting. You can enjoy horse riding at places like Shooting spot. There is an entry fee to the area and charges for rising the horse may vary.

Lined with lush green forests, tall pine trees and a picturesque landscape, the Pykara falls are more than just scenic. Long walks amidst the pine foliage and swimming in the water collected at the bottom of the falls, there are several things at this location that you just cannot miss. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers and thrill seekers.