TOP PRICE FETCHING TEAS THIS WEEK..(article in Business Line)97% COONOOR TEA SOLDP S SUNDARCoonoor, Aug 3Nearly 97 per cent of the offer for Sale No: 31 of the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association was sold despite the average price rising to the all-time high level of ₹ 146.38 a kg because of the increased demand from upcountry buyers.Floods in Assam and West Bengal as also the relaxation of lockdown in some States helped prices to rise. The Coonoor-based bought leaf factory Homedale Tea Factory topped the entire auctions this week when its Pekoe Dust grade, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, was bought by Nishanthi Traders for ₹ 303 a kg.The Super Red Dust grade of Homedale Estate, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, followed at ₹ 266 a kg.These two grades surpassed the prices fetched by any other tea, CTC or orthodox from any factory, corporate or bought leaf.Among other CTC teas, Lakshmi Estate got ₹ 251, Crosshill Estate Special and Pinewood Estate ₹ 250 each, Vigneshwar Estate ₹ 225, Deepika Supreme ₹ 220, Kannavarai Estate ₹ 216, Bellati Estate ₹ 213, Palmera Estate ₹ 212, Shanthi Supreme ₹ 208, Riverside Estate ₹ 206, Professor Super fine ₹ 202 and Shri and Seyons Estate Tea ₹ 201.Among orthodox teas, Kodanad got ₹ 258, Kairbetta ₹ 246, Glendale ₹ 240, Kil Kotagiri ₹ 231, Lockhart Gold ₹ 223, Havukal and Nonsuch Orthodox ₹ 222 each, Devashola ₹ 21 and Robroy Estate ₹ 200. also reachable by clicking:,increased%20demand%20from%20upcountry%20buyers.

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