Things you should buy before leaving Ooty

1. Varki – Ooty’s Varki is great in taste. There are many shops selling Ooty Varki. But my suggestion will be to purchase Varki from “Shivani Store” – on commercial road. The fresh Varki comes to Shivani store at around 7:00pm everyday – try at the time – if you want the fresh one.

2. Ooty’s Eucalyptus oil and Gaultheria oil – Again all over Ooty you will find shops selling these Oils and each claims the only shop selling original. My suggestion is that you buy these oils from the Cooperative store on Commercial road (just opposite to Shivani store). Cooperative store is a Government run store – dimly lighted – no decoration – but you will get the original stuff and at the right price.

3. If you are a Tea lover, then pick up Original Nilgiri (try leaf tea only) from the same Cooperative store.

4. Ooty Home-made chocolate – Again you will find lot of shops selling Home made chocolates – my suggestion will be to try “King Star” shop. There are 2-3 shops with the same name – the one I found is very good in quality and at right price is on commercial road again – tiny shop –close to “Chellaram supermarket”. <you will find Chellaram shop on Google map and then locate the King Star nearby charring cross / commercial road)

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