ONE DEATH .. 24 POSITIVE IN THE NILGIRIS TODAY==P S SUNDAR==The person who died was a 65 year old woman from The Nilgiris admitted to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, Coimbatore at 10.10 pm on August 12 and died at 12.15 am on August 16 due to Broncho pneumonia and COVID-19 positive. Total death so far : 4.Of the 27 positive, as many as 24 are in two places – 15 in Banahatty and 9 in Kannerimukku, Kotagiri.Of the remaining three, a 43 year old male is in Thummanatty,a 23 year old male is in Gandhi Nagar, Aruvankadu and a woman aged 55 years is in Kerada.==P S SUNDAR’S ANGLAIS FROM COLLECTOR’S AND GOVT STATEMENTS.

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