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P S SUNDAR @ Coonoor

The Nilgiris Collector Innocent Divya has blamed the people for not following the instructions of the district administration resulting in the overall infection of COVID-19 to rise over 500, particularly in the last two weeks.

She said that the spike was due to people living in villages and some town areas including Mulligur, Thangadu Oranalli, Ottupattarai and Vannarpet conducting functions without following the protection measures announced by the district administration.

Consequently, cases have been filed for violating the provisions of Section 144 as also for spreading COVID-19, she disclosed.

She warned that in future, except the already fixed marriages, no function should be conducted.

Even for the pre-fixed marriages, permission should be obtained from the Collector by submitting the names of the 50 persons along with a certificate that they are COVID-19 free. And, factors like social distancing, face mask and application of disinfectant must be followed, she cautioned.

The Collector said that if anyone conducts any function ignoring these instructions or causes the assembly of large number of persons, fine and imprisonment up to one year would be imposed.

Anyone living in containment area, or in ordered isolation or having given sample for testing for COVID-19 comes out to the open and spreads the disease, fine of ₹ 1,000 and imprisonment for six months would be imposed.

Those moving about without wearing mask or social distancing would face six month imprisonment or fine.

Those spitting in public places such as to spread the disease will face a fine of ₹ 1,000.

The Collector said on Wednesday night that 12 persons have been confirmed COVID-19 positive taking the total infected to 528.

Of them, 279 have been discharged fully cured. Since two had died, the active cases undergoing treatment now number 247.

Of the 12 persons, as many as 9 have attended wedding in Thangadu Oranalli village. They live in that village as also in Manjacombai, Thattaneri and S Kaikatty.

A woman aged 61 living in Anbu Anna Colony is a contact of the PRO of a private company who had already tested positive.

A man aged 51 living in Reilly Compound, Coonoor, is a contact of a person who had returned from Madurai.

A woman aged 64 living in Nanjanad is a contact of a person already tested positive.

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