Kebabs at Kebab Corner

Ooty has a number of small joints that serve lip smacking kebabs but the best one has to be Kebab Corner. Here you will find a range of mouth watering kebabs at reasonable prices.
The eating joint isn’t fancy and you may have to wait a while to get your order but you will not be disappointed. A must try is their grilled mutton and succulent chicken kebabs.

2. Chinese food at Shinkow’s Chinese Restaurant

Located in Commissioner’s Street in Ooty, this is a must visit if you want to dig into some delicious and pretty authentic Chinese food at pocket-friendly rates.
This eating joint is not fancy in its look but it serves up the best pork in Ooty. Some of the must try dishes on the menu include their American Chopsuey and Bee Hoon Noodles.

3. South Indian Fare at Nahar Restaurant

There’s no comfort food like South Indian food and one of the best places to enjoy a good cup of piping hot coffee and traditional South Indian cuisine is Nahar Restaurant.
They have a pleasant setting and the food is completely vegetarian. Their Indian thali and dosas are local favourites.

4. Pizza at Sidewalk Café

If you’re looking for a large range of pizzas then visit this street food joint that is famous for its fast food. The best pizzas on offer here include the Popeye (which is loaded with creamy spinach) and the top-selling Jain Pizza.
They make their pizza in a firewood oven and this itself is worth checking out. If you would like to end your meal in a sweet note, they also sell some decadent chocolates.

5. Punjabi Food at Quality Restaurant

Dig into some delicious Punjabi food at Quality Restaurant. Their butter chicken and buttery naans are some of the must-try North Indian delights here.
They also have a range of other cuisines such as Chinese and South Indian. But it is their Punjabi fare that really stands out and sees the crowds visit.

6. Biryani at Hyderabad Biryani House

If you’re looking for a quick meal on the go that’s spicy and satiating, then you must try the biryani at Hyderabad Biryani House. They have a large selection of meat and fish dishes, and a few vegetarian options as well.
Some of the biryanis worth trying are their chicken tikka biryani and super spice mutton kebabs. Service is quick and very friendly.

7. Chocolates at Kingstar Confectionery

At Kingstar Confectionery you will find a range of melt in the mouth chocolates in flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, mango, fig, blackcurrant and many more.
They also have sugar-free varieties and some decadent fudge that makes for great presents to take back home.

8. Momos at Momo House

There are quite a few places that serve these steamed dumplings but by far our favourite is Momo House, which is famous for its signature dish.
While the eatery is not fancy, their momos are very tasty and easy on the pocket. Some of the top-sellers include the spicy chicken and corn and cheese momos.

9. Coffee Ooty Coffee House

You cannot visit Ooty and not try their aromatic coffees. One of the best places to enjoy this delicious drink is at Ooty Coffee House, a quaint old-school eatery that offers a wide range of brews.
If you are looking for a simple place to enjoy a great cup of coffee, Ooty Coffee House is the place to go.

10. Parathas at Hotel Shri Velmurugan

A quick bite that will not disappoint you, visit this eatery for their lip-smacking parathas as well as other items such as dosa, idlis and so on.
The paratha selection is vast and their stuffed ones are ideal with a cup of chai or coffee. It’s not much to look at but the prices are very reasonable which will tempt you to visit again and again.

11. Sandwiches at C Stores

This is a popular eating joint amongst the locals, especially college students, as it offers a range of delicious grub at even better prices.
The sandwiches are best sellers here and their grilled cheese with veggies is also a popular choice. They also serve mini pizzas, thalis and parathas, that are inexpensive and tasty.

12. Chaat at Mud Pie

If you’re craving some delicious and fresh chaat, then visit this fast food eatery that serves a lot of snacks (including rolls and sandwiches).
It is one of the few places in Ooty that serves chaat.The best-selling dishes include the masala puri and dahi puri. They also make speciality cakes.

13. Continental Food at Earl’s Secret

Craving some wholesome Italian food and baked items? This is the place to visit. They serve pasta, steak and some delicious desserts. This quaint eatery offers a really good apple pie that goes perfectly with one of the hot beverages on their vast menu.

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